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Laboratory for Computational
Biology and Bioinformatics

The large majority of the funding for our activities is internal (in very sharp contrast to Prof. Moret's laboratory at the University of New Mexico, where all funding was external and peer-reviewed). This funding supports our share (the other share is contributed by Prof. Auke Ijspeert and his Biorobotics Laboratory, BioRob) of our administrative assistant, Ms. Fiaux, along with 4-5 PhD students. In addition to this recurring funding, we also had one-time funding (startup funds) from EPFL, much of which went to the acquisition of our large compute server, and some of which supported the 2-year postdoctoral fellowship (Fall 2008-Summer 2010) of Dr. Wei Xu.

We are also pleased to acknowledge funding from

  • The Swiss National Science Foundation, for the project entitled "Models and algorithms for genome evolution" (2009-2012), supporting one PhD student (Nishanth Nair).
  • SystemsX.ch (a Swiss research consortium), for the IPhD project entitled "Models and algorithms for noncoding genes" (2009-2012), supporting one PhD student (Cristina Ghiurcuta).
The SystemsX.ch project is in collaboration with Philipp Bücher, with whom we also collaborate on