Laboratory for
  High-Performance Algorithm Engineering
  and Computational Molecular Biology

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Funding Sources

  • The National Science Foundation
    • CURRENT:
      • Cooperative Agreement EF 03-31654 ITR: Building the Tree of Life -- A National Resource for Phyloinformatics and Computational Phylogenetics
      • Grant DBI 04-20513 MRI: Acquisition of a High Performance Shared-Memory Computer for Computational Science and Engineering at the University of New Mexico (PI Hua Guo, Chemistry)
      • Grant IIS 01-21377 ITR/AP: Reconstructing Complex Evolutionary Histories
      • Grant DEB 01-20709 Comparative Chloroplast Genomics: Integrating Computational Methods, Molecular Evolution, and Phylogeny (subcontract to U. Texas Austin, PI R. Jansen)
      • Grant IIS 01-13095 ITR/AP(DEB): Computing Optimal Phylogenetic Trees under Genome Rearrangement Metrics
      • Grant ACI 00-93039 CAREER: High-Performance Algorithms for Scientific Applications
      • Grant ANI 02-03584 Postdoc: A Hierarchical Methodology for SMP Clusters
      • Grant ACI 00-81404 ITR: Algorithms for Irregular Discrete Computations on SMPs
      • Grant DEB 99-10123 Ecosystem Studies: Self-Organization of Semi-Arid Landscapes: Test of Optimality Principles
      • Grant EIA 95-03064 CISE Research Infrastructure: Effective Information Access: Computer Science Research Fundamental to the Creation of a National Information Infrastructure (for help in purchasing our Sun Enterprise 4500 research machine)
  • The National Institutes of Health
    • Grant 2R01GM056120-05A1, Genome Erosion in Infectious Microorganisms (subcontract to U. Arizona, PI H. Ochman)
  • The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
  • The IBM Corporation
    • PERCS project, under the DARPA HPCS initiative for high-productivity computer systems (Phase I: 2002-2003; Phase II: 2003-2006).