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Laboratory for Computational
Biology and Bioinformatics

The Laboratory was started in June 2006 by Professor Bernard Moret. Our main area of interest is the design of models and algorithms for problems arising in biology, mostly evolutionary biology (phylogenetics) and genomics (regulatory, comparative, and evolutionary genomics). We work mainly with large-scale simulations, but we also make use of published data, including most common databases in genomics and proteomics.
The Laboratory will close at end of 2016, after 10.5 years, as Prof. Moret will retire (after over 36 years as a faculty member, first at the University of New Mexico, then at EPFL).

To design, implement, test, and assess models and algorithms for discrete problems arising in evolutionary molecular biology.

See the 2011 ACM Ubiquity interview with Prof. Moret on Experimental Algorithmics.


We regularly teach the Master's level courses Computational Molecular Biology (Spring semesters, 5 EPFL credits) and Advanced Algorithms (Fall or Spring semesters, 7 EPFL credits). We occasionally teach the Bachelor's level course Theoretical Computer Science, the Master's level course Computational Geometry and the PhD level course Theory of Computation (5 EPFL credits). We have co-taught (with colleagues from the School of Life Sciences) courses in Bioinformatics at both Master's and PhD level.

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